2 thoughts on “我嘅恐懼,我嘅老朋友~”

  1. a while ago I had a girlfriend with whom I had been for about 4 years, then I had a friend with the passage of time I fell in love with her, I told her but it did not correspond to me. It was many days of not being able to sleep thinking and regretting. Sometimes positive thoughts and others a small depression. somehow I had the knowledge of trying to control the thoughts and I could reassure myself after a few months.

    1. Thank you very much for your sharing Hector. I’m sorry about your story, but you’re not alone. We all have done something we regret, more or less. One side of the regret is to make us feel bad, and the other side of it is to draw our attention, so that we can learn from it. We might able to have a better and happier life when we turn our regrets to our friends. They can be our reminders of learning, or taking new life lessons. They can be friends to help us grow. After they’ve finished their job, we better let them go because no one like to work over time, at least not too much~~ 🙂

      Accept what has happened and the current situation we have, and then work for a better picture………… that may help us letting go with our friend, the regret. Let him take some rest and help us the next time. Remember, you’re not alone………….. and neither do I!! 🙂

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