2 thoughts on “無條件嘅愛”

  1. It is true that in the West we have the idea of ​​unconditional love, almost all people of all ages desire unconditional love.
    From my point of view, almost everyone has a person who loves us unconditionally. But sometimes we do not realize it or we do not value it. Other times we feel it but that unconditional love does not manifest itself as we would not like that person to demonstrate such love.

    Although it seems incredible, in the West the idea of ​​unconditional love is very difficult to be successful, proof of this is the increase in divorces.

    I thought that in the East it was easier to conceive an unconditional love for its Buddhist customs or related to religion.

    I would like to recommend you the cloud atlas movie, with Tom Hanks and Halle Berry. A film that moved me because 2 souls who love each other unconditionally, through reincarnations have been found in different people, different places and times. You should see this movie, cloud atlas.

  2. Thank you very much for your comment and movie recommendation, Hector. 🙂 I do agree that somehow, everyone has a person who loves them, and I believed that all love is intended to give unconditionally, although most of the time, lacking of experience, understanding, knowledge or even skills, of love makes the results different.

    It is also true that some of us take the love we’re having for granted. Unfortunately our brains were built like that, it is easy to set the best circumstance we know or experienced as a normal criteria. And probably it’s the main reason why lots of the marriage couldn’t last long when we have a choice to end it.

    And yes, unconditional love is very difficult to perform, because it’s the best thing we can offer and it requires lots of energy, skills, hope as well as self love. It’s no difference all over the world including Asia. Beside, the concept of unconditional love is not very common in my area yet, as most of our last generation were growing in survive mode and helplessness. Hope to explain more about it in my blog later……..

    Thank you Hector!!

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